E-Design is suitable for the budget minded client with the moxie to execute our design on their own timeline.  This service is best for those who have an idea of their dream interior, but need our help bringing that vision to life. E-Design includes spatial planning, furniture and accessory selection with details instructions on how to acheive your dream design. Since this is an express service, the client is responsible for assembling furniture, hanging window treatments, etc.  

MOXIE MAKEOVER:                   

The Moxie Makeover is a full service design option suitable for those who are eager to create the home of their dreams, but may be intimidated by the task at hand! This is a five step process that begins with a Consultation, 3-D imaging, Contract Proposal, Design*  and installation.  In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the clients goals, a consultation is scheduled to determine spatial/storage needs, design styles, project timeline, budget and more. From there, we actively collaborate with clients until their dream design has become a reality.

*including but not limited to spatial planning, paint, furniture, fixture and accessorys selection.


All projects begin with a comprehensive consultation to learn about the clients concerns and lifestyle. During this process we determine a design style, a budget and timeline. The information derived from this discussion is utilized to give general advice and/or develop concept boards and designs for future phases of a continuing project.